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CS-Script - The C# Script Engine


Why CS-Script?

The wast majority of the CLR oriented scripting systems (Boo, IronPython etc.) consist of the two major interdependent components: the runtime environment and the language itself. In other words the scripting runtime is bound to the language it uses and usually they do not exists without each other.

In contrary to such systems, the CS-Script is a runtime environment only. It utilizes the existing language (ECMA-compliant C#) and all it's infrastructure. Such architectural concept provides a number of dramatic benefits.

One of them is availability of the information resources regarding programming for CS-Script. Enormous amount of online and printed C# articles/samples/tutorials are 100% applicable for programming with CS-Script.

Because the CS-Script is transparent to the language it uses there is no need to develop and maintain any language specific compiler and development tools. The existing development infrastructure associated with the language can be used without any modification. That is why CS-Script can execute C# scripts on Mono or any version of the .NET (even future versions). It also can be used in conjunction with all editions of the MS Visual Studio, MS CLRDebugger, SharpDevelop and even C# IDEs which are yet to be developed.

Another amazing thing about CS-Script is the ability to use other CLR languages for scripting by means of the very simple language adapters ('alternative compilers'). The current version of the CS-Script comes with C# as a default scripting language and the adapters for VB, C++/CLI and JavaScript. Yes, any CLR language can be used with CS-Script (the development guideline and examples of the language adapters are included in the documentation).

By extending the CS-Script with another language developers automatically gain access to the all language framework. For example, if one develop adapter for the Pascal the Delphi IDE can be used for developing Pascal scripts just straight on.

All this allows the CS-Script to be extremely lean and yet very powerful scripting solution which can be used for both standalone and hosted scripts.


                                                Copyright (C) 2004-2012 Oleg Shilo