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CS-Script.Npp - CS-Script tools for Notepad++

Notepad++ plugins suite. Copyright (C) 2013 Oleg Shilo.

CS-Script.Npp is a Notepad++ lightweight extension toolset, which allows effective editing/execution of the C# code without the licensing and/or the deployment overhead of the more conventional tools. While it offers many features of the full scale IDEs it is not intended to be an IDE replacement. It rather fills the gap between a full blown IDE and a plain generic purpose text editor. 

CS-Script tools suite consist of two plugins, which can be used independently but deliver the best User Experience when used all together. The plugins are dedicated to their very specific C#/Notepad++ purpose but they share the same execution engine: CS-Script.

CS-Script (CSScriptNpp)
The CS-Script plugin functionality can be split into two logical categories:

  • Intellisense part of the plugin is responsible for assisting developer with editing the C# source code. It delivers true intellisense and some code discovery and refactoring. The features normally available with the full scale IDEs (e.g. Visual Studio, MonoDevelop, Eclipse). While it does rely on CS-Script for resolving C# source code dependencies it is completely neutral by nature and delivers C# intellisense for any C# code (not only CS-Script scripts).  
  • CS-Script part of the plugin is all about CS-Script. It allows convenient C# script execution, light debugging and delivering many 'project management' features found in many IDEs like Visual Studio. Thus this plugin assists with the C# code execution and code editing. 

Notepad++ Automation (NppScripts)
This plugin allows creating light script based plugins for Notepad++ with C#. It provides the runtime for hosting the C# scripts implementing a plugin business logic. All this allows creating both full scale or light ('macros-like') 
Notepad++ plugins (automation scripts) without dealing with the Notepad++ Plugin SDK infrastructure (or even the compilation).    

C# intellisense for Notepad++


Managing C# scripts in Notepad++


NppScripts - Notepad++ plugin for creating C# based automation scripts and plugins for Notepad++.


Copyright (C) 2013 Oleg Shilo