CS-Script 3.20.0

Using Precompilers

CS-Script is capable of preprocessing the scripts before the execution. Preprocessing algorithm can be implemented either as another script file or as an assembly. The more details about it can be found in the Precompilers chapter.

This is the directive to process the script with a precompiller:

 //css_precompiler <file0>[, <fileN>];

file - name of the script or assembly file containing the precompiler implementation

The shorter alias directive //css_pc can be used in place of the //css_precompiler

Remember that you may need to escape some path characters that conflict with the //css_ delimiters. See Delimiters Escaping section.

The following is the example which demonstrates how to configure the script to use autoclass.cs precompiler.

//css_precompiler autoclass.cs;
using System;

public class Program

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