CS-Script 3.9.7

Other programming languages

From the name of the product (CS-Script) you may guess that it is all about C#. The full potential of scripting with the CS-Script engine can be utilised only when using the C# code. However, it is impossible not to recognize that some developers may need to work with other programming languages. Therefore CS-Script also provides some support for other CLR languages (currently JScript, VB.NET,  C++/CLI and CC#).

Support for non-C# languages is provided by the means of plug'n'play compilers (code providers) implemented as an external assembly. It means that you can implement your own compiler for non-C# syntax or use any existing one.

The current version of CS-Script code is distributed with the cs-script/Lib/CSSCodeProvider.dll assembly which provides access to Microsoft JScript, VB.NET and C++/CLI compilers. See Implementing non-C# compilers tutorial for details.

In This Section

Information about execution scripts written in VB.NET syntax.
Information about execution scripts written in J#/JScript syntax.
Information about execution scripts written in C++/CLI syntax.
Classless C#
Information about execution scripts written in special flavor of C# - classless C# (C# code without  class or method declaration).
Alternative compilers
Description of the concept of the CS-Script Alternative Compilers the foundation of the support for languages other than C#.