CS-Script 3.9.7


CS-Script is more than just an execution engine. It is also a lightweight development system. It allows developers to do much more then just script execution. These are just a few relevant CS-Script features:

In This Section 

Script fundamentals
Information about concept and architecture of CS-Script as a development system.

Command-line Interface 
Information about CS-Script command-line interface.

Integration with OS 
Read about how CS-Script is integrated with the operating system. 

Read about the ways how CS-Script scripts can be deployed.

Extending scripting system
Information about extending CS-Script functionality.

Extending applications with scripting
Information about extending functionality of your application with C# scripting (Script Hosting).

Development tools
Review of common IDEs, Debuggers and code Editors with respect to usage for C# scripting.

Script library
Explore various scripts that are installed with CS-Script.

Programming reference
Reference information about programming interface of CS-Script (CSScriptLibrary.dll).