CSScript Online Help

    What's new?
        General concept
    Quick start
        Hello World!
        CS-Script fundamantals
        Command-line interface
            Compile to executable
            Compile to assembly (use precompiled)
            Sample script
            Load assemblies
            Add Search Directory
            Ignore default config
        Integration with OS
            CS-Script configuration
                Advanced Shell Extensions
                Configuration Utilities
                Version compatibility
            CS-Script application configuration
            CS-Script Runtume Environment
        CS-Script on Vista
        Extending the scripting system
            Script Engine Directives
                Non-Engine Directives
            Importing C# scripts
            Embedded Script Arguments
            Using .NET assemblies
            Referencing NuGet packages
            Using COM
            Using Resources
            Using Classless Scripts
            Adding Search Directories
            Compiler Options Directories
            Script Aliases
            Script Post-Processing
            Using Precompilers
            Ignoring Namespaces
            Other programming languages
                VB.NET scripts
                JScript scripts
                C++ scripts
                Classless scripting
                Alternative compilers
            Advanced Scripting
                Web Services
                Dynamic Code Generation
            Pre- and Post-execution scripts
            Script Hosting Control
        Extending applications with scripting
            "Isolated execution" pattern
            "Type sharing" pattern
                Passing well-known type between the script and the host
                Passing custom type between the script and the host
                Dynamic script-assembly loading
                Evaluator (Compile As Service)
            Script hosting guideline
            Simplified Hosting Model
        Development tools
            .NET Framework SDK
            MS Visual Studio 2003
            MS Visual Studio 2005
            MS Visual Studio 2008
            MS Visual Studio 2012
            Using CS-Script with NAnt
        Script Library
        Programming reference
        CS-Script and Compact Framework
        CS-Script on Mono
        Simple scripting
            Console application (Hello World!)
            WinForms script
            Using COM
        Complex scripting
            Creating shell extension
            Printing (importing script)
            Synchronising system clock from WEB source
        Advanced scripting
            Text Processor
            Image Processor
        Non-C# compilers
    Further information
    Feedback and support