CS-Script 3.20.0


System Requirements:

Operating Systems: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, XP and Windows Server 2003, 2000, NT
Prerequisite Software: Microsoft .NET Framework Version 4.5 Redistributable Package

Installation Instructions:

In order to install CS-Script download cs-script.zip file and extract its content.
Note: The documentation (help files) is distributed separately with cs-script.zip file.
Strictly speaking, no further actions is required. The script engine application is self-sufficient and can be run immediately after downloading. The only action performed during the installation is an adjustment to the OS environment in order to make scripting more convenient.

To install:

- Run css_config.exe or install.cmd (it will bring the configuration console)
- Adjust the CS-Script settings in the configuration console according your needs (eg. enabled debuggers, shell extensions...)

To uninstall:

Run css_config.exe and press 'Deactivate' button on the 'General' tab in the configuration console. It will undo any changes made by CS-Script installation.
Alternatively you can run  css_config.exe /u or uninstall.cmd to forcibly and completely removed from the system.

To upgrade:

No special steps are required. Do as per Installation instructions. Any previous version of the CS-Script will be deactivated.

Note: If during the installation previous version of the CS-Script is detected it will be automatically deactivated, however it's settings will be migrated to the new installation. Please review the settings in the "Runtime options" tab as in result of the "settings migration" they may contain invalid values (etc. absolute paths).

Installation package contains:


cs-script folder
Script engine executables and install/uninstall shell scripts

cs-script/Docs folder
CS-Script documentation (help files, tutorials...)

cs-script/Samples folder
CS-Script sample scripts

cs-script/Lib folder
The library of C# scripts. It includes scripts required for CS-Script functionality and also some useful scripts (see Script library).

cs-script/Debug folder
Template projects for supported IDEs to be used for C# scripts debugging

cs-script/Lib/Bin folder
The binaries for various CLR versions and Linux