CS-Script 3.20.0

Extending the scripting system

As with any other C# based framework CS-Script's functionality can be extended by using 'external' components. Such components are existing C# scripts (any C# code), managed libraries (assemblies), non-managed libraries (plain DLLs) and COM components (COM DLLs).  


In This Section

Script Engine Directives 
Background information about special script engine instructions (directives), which can be specified directly in script code. This functionality makes possible for the CS-Script to support multi-file scripts, seamless access to COM, WebService, Remoting and initial support for .NET3.0.

Importing C# scripts  
Read about how to prepare and execute a script that uses another script(s).

Using .NET assemblies
Information about how to use in your script the assemblies that are not registered in the GAC.

Using COM   
Read about how use COM objects in your script code.

Alternative compilers
Read about possibilities of using non-C# syntax in scripts (e.g. JScript, VB.NET).

Using Classless Scripts
Read about how write and execute the scripts, which do not require class and function declarations.