CS-Script 3.9.7

Development tools

The minimum set of system requirements is reviewed in the Installation section. Installed .NET Framework is the only "must have" software component that is required for CS-Script engine to run.

Notepad or any other text editor is a minimum toolset required to create a script file. However development time and effort can be significantly decreased if CS-Script is used in conjunction with any sort of IDE.

CS-Script files (.cs) can be opened with any supported IDE/Debugger/Editor by using appropriate shell extension just with a mouse right-click. Some of these shell extensions are installed by default. To install/uninstall a particular shell extension a special installation script (debugger.cs from the Script Library ) has to be executed (see Script Library).


In This Section

Read about usage CS-Script with just some of the common IDEs, debuggers and source code editors:


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