CS-Script 3.9.7


When deploying the script application (script) the target system has to comply with the system requirements for CS-Script installation.

For deployment it is enough to copy the script file on the target system if it already has appropriate version of CS-Script installed.     

However if the CS-Script is not installed it is required to distribute the script engine executable (cscs.exe/csws.exe) along with the script itself. All files have to be copied to the same location on the target system.

Also the script application can be deployed in a form of a single executable (.exe). In this case the script engine is not required at all to run the application (see Compile to executable). However, in this case it is not a script application any more but just an application.



All script Dependent components (if any) have to be copied with the script application. Such components are scripts, non-GAC assemblies and COM dlls.

You can use the isolate.cs script from the Script Library to collect all files required for deployment of a particular script.


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