CS-Script 3.20.0

Alternative Compilers

CS-Script supports C# and some other CLR languages (currently JScript, VB.NET,  C++/CLI and CC#).

Support for non-C# languages is provided by the means of plug'n'play compilers (code providers) implemented as an external assembly. It means that you can implement your own compiler for non-C# syntax or use any existing one.

The current version of CS-Script code is distributed with the cs-script/Lib/CSSCodeProvider.dll assembly which provides access to Microsoft JScript, VB.NET and C++/CLI compilers. See Implementing non-C# compilers tutorial for details.

If you want to use CSSCodeProvider.dl you will need to specify it's location as a value for the UseAlternativeCompiler property in the CS-Script configuration console.

When the alternative compiler (CSSCodeProvider.dll ) is enabled, script files are always compiled by the specific language compiler depending on the script file extension (g.e. .vb - VisualBasic, .js - Java, .cs - C#, cpp - C++).

Some of the script engine features are not available for non-C# scripts. These limitations are in fact very similar to the limitations associated with running  CS-Script on Mono:

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