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  • ...It would be good to have a way of preventing CS-Script from renaming "static...Main" in imported scripts...
    Status: implemented in v1.4

  • ...config.sc should still work (in a "restricted" mode) under user account with restricted rights...
    Status: implemented in v1.4

  • ...I know many other scripting languages (JS, python, etc) don't require class and function declarations, yet still allow them if so desired. Could your engine do the same?...
    Status: 'Classless' mode will is introduced in the v1.4. It is implemented as a separate launching script and after the users feedback it will be implemented as an 'aplternative compiler' for more convenient execution without specifying any extra switches in command-line.
  • ...There is unfortunately no chance (besides the debug sln) to integrate an app.config at script level...
    Status: Support for custom config file has been implemented in v1.6 and extebded in v1.7

  • ...Do you plan to release a Pocket PC version? It’s exactly what I’m waiting for...
    Status: Despite the absence of technical possibilities to develop true C# scripting solution for Compact Framework (at least at this moment CF does not allow compiling C# code) the v1.7 has some very limited support for CF. See documantation for details 

  • ...The css_config.dat should be a xml file like other *.config files....
    Status: Has been implemented in v1.8 

  • Recently I found some articles on FastInvoke type classes that use System.Reflection.Emit....I have to say that getting rid of the AssemblyHelper and using a FastInvoker made my code 3x faster (according to Ants Profiler)
    Status: Support for emmited FastInvoker delegates has been implemented in v2.2.




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