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  • What a masterful piece of work. Rarely do we find a piece of "technical art" that is hand-crafted anymore in this field.
    Steve N.

  • Why use Rosalyn when CSScript has been providing great scripting capability for my projects for over 7 years.
    David R.
  • You library is wounderfull and your support is excellent...
    I am really impressed by your fast and complete answer that solved all my scripting problem.
    Patrick D.

  • Just a quick note to say that I love CS-Script... 
    CS-Script makes it easy.... This is great and I don't have to try to switch to a different scripting language.
    Brian P. 

  • First, your scripting system is awesome... This does make the life of a developer easy.
    Manie P.

  • I struggled for a month looking for a scripting utility that would work in winform and in web applications...
    Your example works brilliantly. Thanks for your assistance....
    Pasca T.

  • I just downloaded CS-Script and was up and running in a few minutes. This is the most awesome thing ever, thank you for working on this.
    Mohan N.

  • Thanks about creating and publishing CS-SCRIPT...
    It fits perfectly to my purposes.... Now my problems are gone away.

    Harri V.

  • So, many thanks from a grateful engineer. Hope I never have to use LabView or Agilent-VEE again.    
    Gerry M.

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