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Donations to CS-Script Products
(CS-Script, WixSharp, Visual Studio, VSCode, Notepad++ and Sublime Text plugins)

You can support further development of CS-Script and CS-Script related tools by making a donation. You money will be spent on the development related purposes (e.g. softeare and hardware purchasing, WEB hosting, advertisement...).

    Press "PayPal" button below if you wish to make a donation. Note that PayPal will ask you to supply some information about the party making the donation (you) but is entirely up to you how much details you want to provide.

    Please note that by making any kind of  voluntarily contribution (including money donations) you are expressing the appreciation of author's effort and time spent on development of the CS-Script product family.
    Please make your donation only if you agree with the following conditions:

     - By accepting the contributions author does not accept any obligations in any form.
     - Acceptance by author of any contribution does not affect in any way the author's or copy rights.
     - Donations are not refundable.

    Let us know if you wish your name (or business name) to appear in the "Sponsors" list.

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