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CS-Script Reported Bugs

Release v 2.1.0

  • Description:   Stack overflow when calling CSScript.CompileCode(string scriptText, params string[] refAssemblies).
    Impact: The problem caused by bug in CompileCode() implementation, which leads to recursion. As a work around you should call CompileCode(string scriptText, string assemblyFile, bool debugBuild, params string[] refAssemblies) instead with assemblyFile = null and debugBuild = false.
    Status: addressed in the HotFix pack.
  • Description:  Advanced Shell Extehsion is not available after the installation. Scrippting" aven if it is displayed as enabled in the configuration console.
    Impact: CS-Script installation require manual step: uncheck and check again "Use Advanced Shell Extension" chack box in the configuration console.
    Status: will be addressed in the v2.1.0+

Release v 1.9.0

  • Description:  Advanced Scrippting" tutorials are no longer available fom the help file.
    Impact: The documentation is incomplete.
    Status: addressed in the v2.0.

Release v 1.8.0

  • Description:  When calling CSScript.Compile() ... it seems like Test-assemblies are loaded in to the current AppDomain, not only compiled...
    Impact: The problem is caused by the MS compiler (Microsoft.CSharp.CSharpCodeProvider.CreateCompiler()) loading extra copy of the file-less assembly into current AppDomain (even if it was only compiled) in case if the  System.CodeDom.Compiler.CompilerParameters.GenerateInMemory set to true. This can lead to increase in memory consumption by the CS-Script hosting process.
    Status: addressed in the v1.9 pack by forcing CompilerParameters.GenerateInMemory to be set always to false.
  • Description:  It always takes 2 Enter presses to dismiss the “Script is completed” box... (when executing css.exe)
    Impact: The problem is caused by the implementation problem in the script launcher application css.exe. The impact is minor: extra keystroke is required.
    Status: fixed
    in the v1.9.
  • Description: ...I should be able to do “//css_imp ArgumentParser” and it’d find my ArgumentParser.cs file in my custom lib directory. Unfortunately, it just errors out saying it can’t find the file. Eventually, I tried “//css_imp ArgumentParser.cs” which worked fine.
    Impact: The problem affects only opening the script with VisualStudio. The work around is to specify the script to be imported by the file name with extension.
    Status: fixed
    in the v1.9.

Release v 1.7.0

  • Description: ... if I try to execute same script code in different threads (with CSScript.LoadCode()) ... "sometimes" I got errors like this ..."The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process"
    Impact: The problem is caused by System.IO.Path.GetTempFileName() returning sometimes non unique file name when running in multithreaded environment. It can lead to the script execution failure.
    Status: addressed in the v1.8 by using  GUID based name for temporary assembly files.
  • Description: ... sometimes csc.exe (MS C# compiler) is not releasing file well after script compilation finish...
    Impact: The problem is very rare and so far was was reported only once for running in multithreaded environment scenarios. It can lead to the script execution failure.
    Status: addressed in the v1.8 by waiting in CS-Script engine for assembly file to be released by csc.exe.
  • Description: ... if a directory specieid in the PATH environment variable has quotes around it (which is valid), the call to Path.Combine (the FileParser.ResolveFile method) fails.
    Impact:This can lead to the script engine failure to execute the script file if it is in the PATH directory which is enclosed in quotation marks in Environment Variables.
    Status: fixed in the v1.8.

Release v 1.6.0

  • Description: ...I call CSScriptLibrary.CSScript.CompileWithConfig, passing the path of the css_config.dat in the cssConfigFile parameter. ...it does not seem that the ExtraLibDirectory value from the config file is being passed to the CSExecutor. 
    Impact: All referenced scripts and assemblies have to reside in the same directory with the promary script file when compiling with CSScriptLibrary.CSScript.CompileWithConfig.
    Status: fixed in v1.7 

Release v 1.5.0

  • Description: It seems that when running a cs program using "cscs prog.cs", no return
    value can be acquired, even if prog.cs returns a value
    Impact: It is not possible to set exeit code for the script allication from the script code.
    Status: fixed in v1.6

Release v

  • Description: Running config.cs crashes ... when the decimal separator in the Windows regional settings is set to ... a comma (,) in the default Cyrillic locale...
    Impact: Configuration console cannot be run on some systems with non-English locales.
    Status: Fixed in v1.5 
  • Description: Script debugVS8.0.cs creates not needed copies of imported scripts .
    Impact: temporary files for imported scripts stay even after closing the IDE
    Status: fixed in v1.4 
  • Description: C# parser does not rename "static Main" of the imported script if the return type is notvoid.
    Impact: imported scripts cannot have "static Main" with return type other than void
    Status: fixed in v1.4
  • Description: Config.cs cannot be run under the user account with restricted rights.
    Impact: users with no rights to modify registry (HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT) cannot configure CS-Script
    Status: fixed in v1.4
  • Description: Scripts Code.cs and Verify.cs cannot work with path containing spaces.
    Impact: this sample cannot be run under some circumstances
    Status: fixed in v1.4 

Copyright (C) 2004-2010 Oleg Shilo